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Cottage by the Green Mountain Lake

Cottage by the Green Mountain Lake is commonly called as Brncalova chata as well. This chalet has been built by Zelene pleso and is considered as one of the nicest chalet in the High Tatras mountains. Its past is very long and checked. It begins in 1876 when a famous Edigova chata had been built in Rakuska Polana, later moved to a south water-side but and in 1890 severely demaged by a large fire. Seven years later Fridrichova chata has been built on a north water-side and had been many times rebuilded into today´s appearance. The best way to the chalet is from Biela Voda along a yellow path or via „ artery“ from Skalnate pleso. They are both 2 hours long.


  Accommodation Ždiar
7 km
  Accommodation Starý Smokovec
8 km
  Accommodation Stará Lesná
10 km